Researchers Say Certain Descriptions Help Sell Houses, While Others Hurt
San Antonio Express-News (TX) (03/01/07)
Hiller, Jennifer

Real estate experts say word selection and phrasing plays a large role in how long a home stays on the market. Ronald Rutherford, a professor of finance and real estate at the University of Texas at San Antonio, says people who want to sell their home must paint an appealing portrait, and that requires using the right combination of words.

Words such as "updated," "golf" and "lake" are sure to grab the attention of home buyers. Conversely, the wrong words can hurt a listing. Such words and phrases include "new/fresh paint," "new carpet" and "foreclosure" imply something is wrong with the house. Rutherford's research found that home listings that used the word "breathtaking" sold for 7 percent more, while listings that included "landscaping" sold 20 percent faster.

While embellishment is fine, Paul Anglin, real estate and housing trends professor at the University of Guelph in Ontario, says it is equally important that sellers avoid over-doing it. He cautions, "If you mislead people at the first stage, then bargaining will be harder or buyers will just walk away."

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