Adjusting Market Trends

Just saw this on RealTrends report..."Across the U.S., home prices are falling, with many metropolitan areas expected to see large reductions, according to a report on CNNMoney.com. The city that may see the biggest drop is Las Vegas, where prices are predicted to decrease by 8.2 percent this year, the Web site says. What's in the cards for your local market?

Check out www.CNNMoney.com's forecast for 379 cities across the U.S. While the outlook is grim for many of the housing boom's best performers -- places like New York, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. -- the future looks bright for several cities that missed out on the action, the Web site says. Among the markets the article reports are on the way up: Houston, Memphis and Rochester (NY). "

We are experiencing a definite adjustment in Southern Maryland, but still hope to stay ahead of the curve on the 'Washington DC market'. There are still people buying and selling, and there will be continued attraction to our market based upon the lifestyle. I'm off to an appointment to show waterfront in 10 minutes...wish me luck!

That's all Folks! Chris

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